About Us

We are pleased to introduce ReadyJob.org, curriculum, resources and activities designed for educators to help teens prepare for their first job. The economy and workforce is changing, and according to a report from the Brookings Institution titled, Decoding Declines in Youth Employment, “Employment prospects for teens and young adults are plummeting.”  In 2000, 43% of teens age 20-24 were employed and in 2014, 26% of this same group were employed.  The aim of ReadyJob.org is to give young people vital skills in the complicated 21st Century job market.

Here are a few specific goals:

  1. Integrate 21st Century learning strategies into the high school curriculum
  2. Certify first time employees as ready-to-work showing completion of the ReadyJobs.org curriculum
  3. Smooth young people’s transition into employment by focusing on skills and attitude
  4. Orient young people to today’s job market and make them desirable employees

For many reasons, school systems may fall short in career readiness training.  ReadyJob.org is designed to supplement career and technical education.  ReadyJob.org can be a stand-alone curriculum or a supplement to existing training.

Each unit focuses on a basic need:

  1. Preparation
  2. Find and get the job
  3. Keep the job
  4. Balance the job with life

In each unit, objective-based lesson includes interactive activities and a rubric.  Quizzes are available as a summative activity after each unit.  Upon completion of all units, ReadyJob.org offers a certificate of readiness that may be presented to prospective employers.

About the team: 

With the great number of established workers having to accept jobs below their qualification levels, we found that opportunities for inexperienced teenage workers are virtually non-existent. So we decided to create teen job training to give teen job seekers the skills required for landing and keeping a first job. Our program is now online, for teens across the US to access in preparation for their first jobs.

Our team includes paid market research experts who are interested in identifying quality content and promoting relevant resources in the field.

Email the ReadyJob team at [email protected].

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.

— Ann Landers