Unit 2 Quiz

1. Which are good resources for job hunting?
a. employment agency
b. want-ads
c. online search engines
d. friends and family
e. all the above

2. At a job fair, which below is important?
a. have a firm handshake
b. dress appropriately
c. have a resume
d. prepare questions about each employer
e. all the above

3. After a job fair, what should you do?
a. send a thank you note
b. frequently call the business
c. tell your friends and family all about it
d. go to the business
e. tweet all about it

4. When completing an online application…
a. include your social security number
b. be sure to check your spelling before submitting
c. give a fake name and address
d. omit personal information for your references
e. all the above

5. A pre-employment test is given to…
a. assess your skills
b. measure your intelligence
c. judge likely job performance
d. determine your emotional quotient
e. all the above

6. What information is likely to be on an application?
a. contact data for you and your references
b. days and hours of availability
c. experience
d. social security number and criminal background
e. all the above

7. Which clothing style is appropriate for most teen job interviews?
a. business formal
b. business casual
c. casual
d. club attire
e. bedazzled

8. Which interview question is most likely?
a. Who are your parents?
b. Where do you live?
c. What sets you above other candidates?
d. What do you want to do after high school?
e. How old are you?

9. During an interview, your cell phone goes off, what should you do?
a. ignore it
b. apologize and turn it off
c. check to see who it is and answer if it’s important
d. excuse yourself and take your phone outside
e. none of these, turn off your phone before the interview

10. You are interviewing at a fast food restaurant. Which below is a good question to ask?
a. Do I get free meals?
b. How long until I start?
c. Does Mandy work here?
d. Do you offer service training?
e. Can I leave early?

Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.

— Booker T. Washington

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